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Electronic Document Certification

A notary public typically only certifies a true copy of an original physical document (hard copy), therefore, an in-person appointment is required when client is in need of a true copy certification.

To certify an electronic document online, the document itself must be available and seen on a website at a specific internet address (URL). That means, your document is not issued physically and only provided in an electronic format, and you will need to log in to the necessary website to show the electronic document to the Notary via video call (such as digital invoice/bill, banking or investment statements requires logging in by bank account, electronic verification of enrollment or certificate at Academic Institutions...). Scanned file of a physical document sent via email is not qualified for us to certify a true copy.

These documents require a special process to notarize. You need to book an appointment with me, and I will send you a link to join a video call (via Google Meeting or Cisco Webex) within 5 minutes before the time you booked. Once you join the video call, I will ask you to sign into the website where the document is located. While I observe you signing in, I will note that the original was observed online, where it was observed online, and that the document I notarize is a true copy of an online document. A notarized true copy will be sealed and signed by me, then I will scan it and send back to you via email.

Please be advised that some organizations or legal entities you are communicating with may not accept an electronic notarization. You may want to check with them before request for an online notary service, especially when the online notarized document will be legalized and use outside Canada.