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Please read the below Fee Tables carefully before request a service as our fees are set differently based on the time you visit.

Since we all have our own personal plans, I would be more than happy to welcome your visit during Happy Hours (Mon-Fri by 4pm) for cheapest rate. For the later service you request, a few dollars will be added to account for the Notary's personal time. Please check on Google to see our latest updated business hours. We recommend booking a late night service only for emergencies or if you are outside of Canada and experiencing a different time zone.

Should you wish to schedule an appointment with me via online booking tool, or call/text me at (613) 608 4046

We highly recommend a payment via Debit card. You also can use online banking to make Interac e-transfer to email address:

Please be advised that a payment made by Credit Card will be charged an additional amount of $5 if the total is less than $100 or $10 if the total is over $100 to cover Square transaction fee.

Your understanding is very much appreciated. 


Free - error Guarantee and Discounts

It is important that your document must be submitted with perfect accuracy. We provide one time free-error guarantee for the same document to be re-notarised without any charge if any typo, incorrect name or information occurs. 

As my commitment to support our community, different services discounts are provided to certain organizations for first time service. If you are member of one of these organizations/ groups below, please contact the admin to get more information:

Thank you for using service at Giang Le Notary. I would appreciate if you can make a commendation for us on Google Review. Your opinion is very important to improve our service quality.