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Fastest legalization service for use in Vietnam

For foreigners and Vietnamese expatriates who are studying, residing and working abroad, the term " legalization" has gradually become familiar whenever there is a "business" to be done at home country.

Legalization is an administrative procedure certified by a competent Vietnamese agency (the Consular Department in Vietnam OR Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in abroad) on signatures of individuals, seals of organizations, titles of business representatives on papers and documents issued by foreign countries or signed abroad so that such documents are recognized and lawfully used in Vietnam. 

Legalization usually involves procedures for inheritance declaration/refusal, authorization to someone else to perform real estate transaction, passport application for minor children or performing temporary guardianship…

For foreigners, the legalization procedure is more involved when carrying out the procedures for notarizing diplomas/documents for work permits, marriage registration with Vietnamese in the country, or conduct commercial transactions in Vietnam.

Our Legalization service contains 4 main steps:

  • Step 1: Notarize true copies of original documents and/or Commissioning signatures of individuals on Contracts/Agreements/Power of Attorney, conducted by a Canadian Notary;
  • Step 2: Authenticate the signature and seal of the Canadian Notary Public at the Global Affairs Canada (GAC), a Canada Embassy/Consulate locates abroad or the provincial authority. If you plan to use your document in another country other than Vietnam and that country is member of Hague Apostille Convention, you can apply for an Apositille Certificate instead of Authentication Certificate and skip Step 3 below.
  • Step 3: Carry out procedures for stamping consular legalization on documents/documents that have been authenticated in step 2 at the Consular Department in Vietnam or Vietnam Embassy in Ottawa so these documents can be recognized and legally used in Vietnam;
  • Step 4: On behalf of the Client, we receive the final documents and return the original package to the client's address in Vietnam.

Please contact Giang Le Notary to receive a quote for a full package of legalization service. Please be advised that service fees may vary if the document to be legalized is or is not related to money and assets.