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Apply for Vietnamese Justice Certificate No.2 (or Criminality Check)

If you are a foreign national who has been or was in Vietnam for studying, working, or living, Justice Certificate number 2 may applied to you during the process of immigrating to Canada or processing another administrative procedure in Vietnam.

We provide a full-package to apply for Justice Certificate No.2 (also known as Criminality Check) on your behalf, you only need to provide a certain information to us by filling out a form here



  1. We will contact you directly after receiving your inquiry;
  2. Prepare documents for your review and signature;
  3. Notarization, authentication and legalization will be conducted on your behalf;
  4. Mailing the package to Vietnam and providing tracking number to you (completed);
  5. Act on your behalf to communicate with Vietnamese authorities (optional - based on client's request).

Time to complete: On an average of 2 months, you will receive a final result (including of original document issued in Vietnamese language if issued by Provincial Justice Department or Legal Affairs Bureau in Vietnam. A certified translated document only attached to the original if issued by Provincial Justice Department)